Paint with food colors

Here’s a fun and creative thing to paint with.

I did this paint with food colors

Here are things you need to get started.

1. Paper

2. A cup or whet ever you guys think is a good, thing to put water in with your food colors.

3. Food colors………

I use this to purr the water with food colors in it on paper.

Make sure you do this over a sink or get a small bucket so you can purr it on the paper.

If you are a kid make so you have a adult around to do this.

Take a small bucket and full it up with water. Then add a little bit of food colors…Then mix it up after you are done you can purr on paper.

Because it’s super messy.

By Angelina Pederson

Hi my name is angel Pederson I am 23 years old, I live in Denver Colorado and I was adopted. I like to draw, paint, dance and I would like to sell art and paintings in the future I am studying art, I have a blog about studying art. When I draw or paint It relaxes me, I like to shore my favorite art that I do to people who likes art. I all so like to dance, I do Zumba on Wednesday. I have 7 blogs on here go check them out I will put them down on my blogs sometimes.

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