I just make these cute little Mickey Mouse bells.

I thought it was a cute way to use jingle bells. I figured people would like to make them at home with there kids or just for fun. I hope you guys in joy it and have fun and have a good merry Christmas.

This are so is to make all you have to do is take three jingle bells and yarn, straying or whatever you have to put them together, With a sawing needles. And that is it.
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By Angelina Pederson

Hi my name is angel Pederson I am 23 years old, I live in Denver Colorado and I was adopted. I like to draw, paint, dance and I would like to sell art and paintings in the future I am studying art, I have a blog about studying art. When I draw or paint It relaxes me, I like to shore my favorite art that I do to people who likes art. I all so like to dance, I do Zumba on Wednesday. I have 7 blogs on here go check them out I will put them down on my blogs sometimes.

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