About Disney zuma character

This zuma

Zuma is a cheetah who likes to dance and party. She would do Zumba and work at a Zumba dance studio with her best friends troop goof and Sarah. She will have high lights in her hair as well and it will be long as well.

Zuma would have a mom, dad, sister, brother and a grandma. The story about Zuma would be her following in her grandma’s footsteps, to be a Zumba dancer and teach it as well.

She would all so have a restaurant and hotel inn. My brother did a blog page about this go check it out and leave a comment and a like down below.

Zuma’s Magical Hotel Resort Part One

Check out my other blog that I did about Disney zuma

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By Angelina Pederson

Hi my name is angel Pederson I am 23 years old, I live in Denver Colorado and I was adopted. I like to draw, paint, dance and I would like to sell art and paintings in the future I am studying art, I have a blog about studying art. When I draw or paint It relaxes me, I like to shore my favorite art that I do to people who likes art. I all so like to dance, I do Zumba on Wednesday. I have 7 blogs on here go check them out I will put them down on my blogs sometimes.

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