More about Disney troops goofs, zuma and Sarah

Troops goof, zuma and Sarah the witch would be a stuff animal. where you can dress them up just like Disney nuimo’s Stuff animal I would like to team up with the people that came up with them to do troops goof, zuma and Sarah the witch in the future to be part of the nuimos stuff animal. I hope they see this blog post in the future because that would be great and cool for me to be part of there team and part of Disney imagineer just like my brother he has a blog on here called this go check it out.

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By Angelina Pederson

Hi my name is angel Pederson I am 23 years old, I live in Denver Colorado and I was adopted. I like to draw, paint, dance and I would like to sell art and paintings in the future I am studying art, I have a blog about studying art. When I draw or paint It relaxes me, I like to shore my favorite art that I do to people who likes art. I all so like to dance, I do Zumba on Wednesday. I have 7 blogs on here go check them out I will put them down on my blogs sometimes.

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